Organic Ginger Beer

100% handmade. Aromas of sweet cola gummy and a taste of fresh ginger juice, which leaves a pleasant tingling on the lips. It also offers herbal and floral notes that balance the slightly spicy taste in the mouth.

What People Say

Surprisingly spicy and citrus aromas

Digestive and anti-inflammatory properties and pleasant in the palate

Its name is due to the fact that originally a yeast was added which,
when fermented offered alcoholic content. Today it is alcohol-free


It has aromas of cola gummy sweet and a beautiful taste of freshly juiced ginger who leaves a pleasant tingly sensation on your lips. It also has herbal / floral notes balancing the slightly spicy mouthfeel.


Carbonated water, cane sugar**, citric acid, extracts of ginger*, kalamansi lime peel*, vanilla**, clove** and cinnamon**.
*=From EU Organic farming.
**=From no EU Organic farming.

Technical Data

Available in

200 ml