Organic Black Kola Nut

The organic range of this drink has an intense and perfectly integrated taste of cola and violets, combined with crisp and balanced notes of lemon peel and Kalamansi lime citrus.

What People Say

Unconventional soft drink, which surprises

On the palate for its distinctive violet flower flavour


Intense and perfectly integrated flavour of kola and violets combined with crisp, balanced notes from lemon peel and kalamansi lime citrics. Great on its own or as a mixer for whisky and rum.


Carbonated water, cane sugar**, citric acid, extracts of cola nut (including caffeine), lemon peel* and kalamansi lime peel*, violet* and caramelised sugar*.
*=From EU Organic farming.
**=From no EU Organic farming.

Technical Data

Available in

200 ml