Whisky Ginger Ale

COMBINE THE ORGANIC GINGER ALE! INGREDIENTS ELABORATION Fill a glass with ice and pour in the whisky. Top up with Indi & Co Organic Ginger Ale and stir. Add the lime wedge and optionally garnish with mint – super refreshing! www.disfrutadeunconsumoresponsable.com

Organic Ginger Beer

WITH DIGESTIVE AND ANTI-INFLAMMATORY PROPERTIES, IT IS VERY PLEASANT IN THE MOUTH. Pour Indi & Co Organic Ginger Beer into a glass with ice and add slices of lemon, lime and ginger – DRINK IT VERY COLD! 14 Kcal / 100 ml – 28 Kcal / bottle

Gin Mule

COMBINE THE ORGANIC GINGER BEER! INGREDIENTS ELABORATION Add ice to the glass and pour in the gin, lemon juice and eucalyptus or mint leaves. Stir a little to incorporate the flavours, add the Ginger Beer and garnish with peppermint and lemon. www.disfrutadeunconsumoresponsable.com